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    How it works

    1. Create a Plan

    We will create an account with a personalized plan based on your specific business need

    2. Tag Boxes

    Tag and keep inventory of your boxes with our QR tracking code system.

    3. Pick Up

    You can schedule pick ups in your account or through your account rep when you’re ready.

    4. Drop Off

    Request returns of your boxes in your account or through your account rep when you’re ready.


    Businesses across several industries trust our document storage services.

    Law Firms

    Keep legal documents secure yet readily accessible.

    Accounting Firms

    Confidently store even the most sensitive financial records.

    Education Institution

    Store transcripts and other student paperwork in our facilities.

    Medical Centers

    Keep patient records in our healthcare-compliant storage units.

    Engineering Firms

    Store and catalog architectural diagrams.

    Small Businesses

    Keep your home and work environment clutter-free by storing documents with us.


    Frequently asked questions

    Yes! We will send professional movers to pick up and deliver your documents to you. A pick up/delivery fee will apply.

    Currently the minimum monthly charge is $75

    Absolutely! Please contact us at 1-833-VAULTRA or and our sales team will create a plan tailored to your needs

    Your documents will be stored at our highly secure storage facility, where we provide you with:

    • 24/7 security camera recording
    • Motion sensor cameras
    • Alarm system
    • Logged access to facility

    Yes you can visit our facility during office hours, located at 200 Fairbank Ave, Toronto. An appointment will be required if you would like to pick up boxes from our facility.

    Document Storage in Toronto, Ontario

    Vaultra Storage is a leading provider of storage services in the GTA. We are proud to expand our business offerings with off-site document storage in Toronto, Ontario. Keep reading to learn more about our services.

    Why Choose Vaultra Storage for Document Storage in Toronto?


    We’ve implemented several industry-standard security measures to help you feel confident about storing even your most sensitive documents with us. From facility access control systems to 24-hour security video recording, we work hard to keep your documents safe.


    Transferring documents to our facility (and subsequently retrieving them) is a breeze. Schedule document pick ups and drop offs at your convenience. Plus, if you’re looking to store more than just documents, we offer a wide range of other storage services as well, including self storage, Door to Door storage, and bin rentals.


    Whether you’re an individual, small business, large enterprise, or anything in between, we offer competitive pricing for document storage in Toronto. Our pricing plans are also designed to scale efficiently based on your specific needs.

    Modern Solutions for Document Storage Challenges

    We offer more than just storage space. Keep track of documents you store with us using our online document management system that makes it easy to coordinate retrieval of important documents in a timely fashion.

    Legal Compliance

    Our document storage services in Toronto comply with a variety of archival regulations. So whether you’re an individual looking to store personal documents or a business storing sensitive and legally protected information, you can feel confident with Vaultra Storage.

    Our Document Storage Services in Toronto:

    Box Pick Up and Drop Off

    We know the work day can be hectic. That’s why we offer document storage box pick up services in Toronto. Schedule pick-ups at your convenience and have us bring your documents to our secure storage facility. Whenever you need your documents returned to you, just schedule a drop off and we’ll bring your box from our storage facility back to your desired location.

    Online Document Storage Tracking

    You’re only ever just a few clicks away from tracking the documents you store with us through our online portal. Each Vaultra Storage box you store your documents in comes with a simple barcode you can use to know where specific documents are at any given time.

    Self-Serve Document Storage

    While our managed document storage services include pick-ups and drop offs, you’re also free to use our self-serve options. Bring documents to and from our storage facility near you at your convenience.

    Climate Controlled Storage Units

    We keep your documents in like-new condition in our climate controlled storage units. No need to worry about humidity or other elements causing damage to your important documents – you can feel confident storing your documents with us for years at a time.

    Benefits of Offsite Document Storage Services in Toronto:

    Reduce Clutter in Your Office

    Tired of documents piling up at the office? With commercial space at a premium in Toronto, keeping those documents onsite can be costly and inconvenient. Our offsite document storage services in Toronto keep document management simple, affordable, and convenient.

    Store Documents Safely and Securely

    We’re in the business of storing documents and other belongings securely. Don’t take chances with sensitive records that would be inconvenient and costly to replace in the event of theft or another incident (i.e. fire, flooding) at your home or office. You can trust us to protect your documents in our storage facilities in Toronto.

    Improved Cataloging of Records

    Our barcode-based cataloging system makes it easy to keep track of the documents you store with us. In turn, this helps clients retrieve documents much faster than when they use poorly conceived and implemented self-cataloging systems.

    Increased Operational Efficiency

    Businesses love offsite document storage because it reduces time spent tracking down documents as part of change management processes. When projects change hands, employees leave, or your business experiences some other type of significant change, the one constant you can count on will be that your documents are only ever just a few clicks away with Vaultra Storage.

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