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    Frequently asked questions

    We take security very seriously at Vaultra Storage. That’s why we’ve made a number of investments in securing our Keswick storage units, including:
    • 24-hour security camera recording
    • Facility access guarded by electronic keypads
    If you plan on storing particularly high-value items with us, you can also purchase insurance for a nominal added cost.

    Our Keswick storage facility has several five-star reviews on Google. Customers appreciate our friendly staff and competitive prices. They also appreciate how serious we are about keeping their belongings safe.


    Vaultra Storage also has numerous locations throughout Canada, each with its own solid reviews and a reputation for excellence.

    You can store almost anything imaginable at our Keswick facility. Examples of commonly-stored items include:


    • Personal and commercial furniture
    • Documents
    • Inventory
    • Collectibles
    • Antiques
    • Jewelry

    To ensure the safety of our staff members and other customers, we prohibit the storage of certain items at any of our facilities. Such items include::


    • Hazardous chemicals
    • Living animals
    • Illegal possessions
    • Food
    • Waste


    If you’re unsure whether something you’d like to store with us is allowed, don’t hesitate to inquire

    You are of course free to cancel your plan, provided you’ve completed the minimum term identified in your agreement with us (typically one month). If you still need storage but your Vaultra Storage rental simply isn’t meeting your needs, we can help you find a more suitable unit without any switching fees.

    Our storage pricing varies based on a few factors, including:


    • How much space you need
    • Which storage plan you choose
    • Current demand for our storage space


    Please call us at 905-476-4555 to receive a no-obligation quote.

    Storage Units In Keswick, Ontario

    Vaultra Storage is proud to be among the most competitively-priced providers of storage in Keswick, Ontario. Keep reading to learn more about our rental units, including size and pricing options.

    Why Choose Vaultra Storage for Storage Rentals in Keswick, Ontario?

    Flexible Storage Plans

    We offer a variety of storage plans designed to be as accommodating as possible. Whether you’re an individual looking to declutter your home or a business owner looking to store inventory safely, we’ve got you covered.

    Easy Access to Your Belongings

    No matter which storage plan you choose, we make it easy to access your items. On a self storage plan, access our facility 24/7 using your keycode at the entrance then unlock your unit to move items in and out as needed.

    Your Items Are Safe with Us

    We’ve implemented a variety of security measures at our Keswick storage facility to ensure you feel safe leaving your belongings with us. You can also insure high-value items with us for a reasonable additional cost.

    Competitive Pricing

    No matter how many (or how few) items you need to store with us, we’ve got a pricing plan that makes sense. We’re here to help you pay for the storage space you need – no more, no less.

    Types of Clients We Provide Storage in Keswick, Ontario


    Don’t let seldom-used items hog space in your home. Declutter by moving those belongings into a Vaultra Storage unit. Retrieve items easily as you need them.


    Are you a business looking to store inventory, secure files, or other belongings? We’ve got space!

    Storage Options We Offer in Keswick, Ontario

    Self Storage in Keswick

    Choose from units in a variety of sizes and configurations, then move your items to and from our facility in a self serve fashion. Retain 24/7 access to your unit; simply enter your keycode at the gate and unlock your unit whenever you need to retrieve or move items in.

    Some of our self storage units are drive-up units, enabling you to move items to and from storage conveniently.

    Moving and Packing Supply Sales

    Need boxes, packing tape, and other moving supplies? Vaultra Storage is your one-stop-shop. Whether you’re moving items to or from our facility, we’ve got you covered. Click here to learn more about our moving and packing supplies for sale.

    U-Haul Truck Rentals

    Need a larger vehicle to move bulky items? We can help you coordinate U-Haul truck rentals. Call us or speak to one of our staff members on-site for assistance.

    Our Storage Unit Sizes in Keswick, Ontario

    Note: The height of our storage units ranges from 6.5 to 8 feet.


    Small Vaultra Storage units in Keswick range from 25 to 50 square feet. Choose from 5 x 5 units or 5 x 10 (feet) units. Customers can typically fit the contents of a one-bedroom apartment in a space of this size.


    Our medium units range in size from 80 to 150 square feet. Dimensions (in feet) within this category include:

  • 10 x 10
  • 10 x 15

  • Generally, you can store the contents of a two-bedroom house in one of our medium units.


    Lastly, our large units range in size from 200 to 300 square feet. Dimensions (in feet) include:

  • 10 x 20
  • 10 x 30

  • Our large units typically hold the contents of a three-bedroom house.

    Try Our Storage Size Calculator

    Not sure what size storage unit you should get? Our Size Calculator can help you see how common items fit into our units.


    We are proud to showcase vaultra storage’s awards, a testament to our dedication to providing exceptional storage solutions and services.